Working with Anna is like a
breath of fresh air.

Leadership can be a lonely place. When everyone’s looking to you for answers, who can you turn to? Sometimes, just talking things through with someone who’s been exactly where you are now can help.

I mentor established and emerging leaders as well as ambitious individuals hungry for success, drawing on my experience as a highly successful agency entrepreneur to help people navigate the challenges of leading teams and businesses. If you need a listening ear, constructive guidance or just a confidence boost, let’s talk

Anna helps me explore my own mind and work out what I want to improve upon.

Top of the tree?

Whether you’re new in post leading a team or a business, in the start-up space, or navigating the politics of above-agency leadership in a holding company, there are times when you need someone impartial to help you think through the challenges you’re facing. And there are always challenges – how to shape teams to meet client needs while ensuring people are motivated and stretched, transforming client relationships for the better, finding clever ways to rise above financial constraints – and how to stay sane when everyone wants a piece of you. If any of these scenarios look familiar, maybe I can help.

Climbing the ladder?

I’m incredibly proud to have talent-spotted and supported many of the health agency world’s most successful leaders, and love helping people develop those intangible skills essential to leadership roles. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want some guidance outside traditional agency structures to help you hone your skills and build your career, I’d love to help. I particularly enjoy working with people making the transition from account management into business leadership, so if that’s you, do get in touch.

Mentoring vs Coaching

Why me?