Working with Anna is like a breath of fresh air; she brings clarity to complex situations and focuses on finding solutions and devising plans to help me navigate towards clearly defined goals which she has an amazing ability at helping to craft. Her extensive experience and knowledge of healthcare communications and life in general, means she is in a great position to be able to challenge me to make me think differently about business and personal situations. Anna helps me explore my own mind and work out what I want to improve upon, coaching me to find my own answers of what success will look like for me when I reach it. Anna’s belief in me is palpable, and a session with her always boosts my confidence; I carry her words through my days. I love that whenever we meet she helps refine an action plan with agreed timings, which adds huge value and maintains the momentum of my personal growth

Associate Director
Global Communications Agency

There are just a handful of people that I go to in life for solid advice. Anna has been that business sounding board for me as I drive my agency into a new chapter of its life. Her breadth of experience is second to none and she has provided me with honest, solid counsel across many commercial aspects, from pressure testing business decisions to support in navigating a management buyout and introducing me to relevant people in her network. She is a true expert in her field, is generous with her time and takes a real interest in my business. I would be in a very different place without her support and guidance.

MD & Owner
Independent Creative Agency

At a time when my business and I were in a period of transition, I wanted the support of someone who had seen and done a lot in the healthcare agency world. I’ve been working with Anna for just under a year now. She has been invaluable in helping me change our approach to business planning. She has also been an excellent sounding-board and someone with whom to discuss the challenges that face business owners and managers. After every session, I feel refreshed, motivated, confident and full of good ideas to take away and implement.

Independent Health Communications Agency

Anna brings great ideas and bags of ‘been there done that’ experience to her work – she has been a brilliant sounding board for me in navigating day to day as well as strategic challenges as a team and business leader.

Global MD
Integrated health public affairs and communications business